The bills are almost due, the groceries need to be restocked, and everything else around you seems to be falling apart.

It always seems to go that way, one thing after another. Am I right?

We tend to take everything personal in times of high stress. Leading to more arguments between loved ones, annoying interactions in public, etc. As you are now a magnet of negative energy. It’s a game the Universe likes to play with us, sadness and anger bring exactly that. …

The Shadow Of Subconcious

I have been stuck in a cycle with myself and my feelings for so long now, but being a person that craves change and bettering of self, I came to realize the cycle. I understood that I am the only true cause of my “creativity blocks” and I am in control of whatever I decide to put into the universe. My future is ultimately in my hands. So I took a step back from my life, looked at it from all sorts of different angles. …

Prioritizing Your To-Do’s and Allowing Yourself More Freedom

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My mind is a whirlpool of thoughts, constantly coming up with new ideas. Although, more often than not, I find myself jotting down ideas and then decide to come back to them later on. Can you guess what happens afterwards? I never come back to them. I sit here with a mind capable of writing and capable of becoming greater than I am in this moment, yet I procrastinate.

Procrastination also goes hand and hand with perfectionism. Like expecting your “rough draft” to come out perfect the first time, or deciding not to do something because you are not yet…

“Women are to be seen and not heard.” “Pick your head up.” “Smile a little more.” “Why so serious?”

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Always looked upon as a bitch with an attitude, or being a slut for not sleeping with a man at his first attempt. We are ridiculed, made fun of, joked about, and never allowed to be seen as powerful. Yet, most women are single mothers, yet most women can lead a pack better than a man.

and NO, this isn’t a rant about my “hatred of men” because I actually get along with men quite well. But also feel like the power we give a man is what causes such diversity between women. We are always told what standards to…

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In the heart of tragedy, we mourn. Never knowing how we would truly react in dire situations, until we are force-ably in them. The panic, the fear, the anger, the torment, the suffering.

It’s never going to feel like you imagine it to feel. Rather it tears you up at just the thought, it will rip you to shreds when it happens. The inevitable is the worst, the most unexpected losses, the ones you thought would never happen to you or your loved ones. It weighs heavy on those close. Feeling remorse for the things left unsaid, or the things…

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To See The Pain We Can Manifest and…

Get Organized, Prioritize, and Believe in Yourself.

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I have always been an impulsive person. My mind is always coming up with new ideas and projects to start, and it causes me to jump from one thing to another. Resulting in never truly finishing anything, but having an endless amount of “to-do’s”.
I always enjoyed living a life without routine, not realizing I had been piling more onto myself than I can handle. I started to notice that I was living in a cycle and I needed to change it.

K. Orlando

Author, Life Coach, & Creator of The Khaotic Good Publication ❤

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