Everything is so spacious lately and the closer we are to what feels to be close to the end of corona, I feel like in a way we are starting to break free.

Maybe some of us are coming out of bad terms and situations, realizing our self worth or people around us whom may not be the best company. We may be starting up new journeys in life; a new job, end of a job, end or beginning of relationships…

We are shifting.

2020, was a period of tribulation, trauma, and reflection. …

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To See The Pain We Can Manifest and…

Get Organized, Prioritize, and Believe in Yourself.

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I have always been an impulsive person. My mind is always coming up with new ideas and projects to start, and it causes me to jump from one thing to another. Resulting in never truly finishing anything, but having an endless amount of “to-do’s”.
I always enjoyed living a life without routine, not realizing I had been piling more onto myself than I can handle. I started to notice that I was living in a cycle and I needed to change it.

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction

I am currently working on a fiction/fantasy novel. I plan to have it done by the end of the year, but no specific deadline. As I want the freedom to change things up the more I learn and experience!

I will be uploading story snippets and chapter sneak peeks here from now on! You will be able to find all links below!

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The Grimswald Chronicles


The story of a mystical journey through a dimensional time-continuum. Thoth Grimswald, a philosophy apprentice and writer, follows his father Hugh Grimswald through the Bermuda Triangle. Leading them to what was thought to…

I sit here and bask away in every emotion I feel. I tremble with demise, while realizing the truth about myself. The lack of passion, compromise, and honesty I had hid from myself for so long comes rushing through the floodgates. A tsunami filling the disconnected parts of my spirit and bringing them to the Amygdala for vacation. Maybe the rose colored glasses have finally shattered. The fog and the storm clouds clear too.

I have been dishonest with myself, as well as the world around me. Who am I to become when I let the Devil take control of…

Do we love for love or love for us? Repeated cycles, mistakes, and unsaid confessions.

I used to think I knew what love was.

I’d bask away in my thoughts dreaming of an everlasting love. To find a soul to mend my heart, and to bring me back to the pedestal I once resided. I disorganized the idea of myself and became infatuated with the love someone else could infect me with. A disease of the heart. Tattered and torn, unsure how to live with myself and the achievements I desired.

I needed someone else to live for me, I needed someone to blame for my despair. To point fingers when I refused the looking…

Day 1 of 1: Diary of A “Mad Girl” Series

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I wouldn't be so mad if you weren't so disregarding of me. I never feel like a person. I feel like I am always just trying to please you. It takes all the power I have….and around you I can never be my best self. I’m struggling everyday choosing between loving you or loving the girl struggling to come out. You are a destruction. You feed off of my energy and destroy your own as well. I guess the wiser I get the more I am starting to drift away from the dreams we had.

I get off of work…

G.C Edition: Excerpt from “The Grimswald Chronicles” by Kayla Orlando. (Coming 2021)

Picture By: Kayla Orlando

We headed back to our hotel to change out of our drenched clothes and get ready for a night out on the town. I took a quick shower and decided on putting on a black button up shirt, dark jeans, white shoes, and a watch with a leather band. I felt good, examining myself in the mirror.

“You ready?” Aryton asked knocking on the half open bathroom door.

“Yes. Let’s go!” I was pumped, I threw on my bomber jacket and we headed downtown.

We arrived at the…

Kayla Orlando

Author, Life Coach, & Creator of The Khaotic Good Publication ❤ khaoticgood.com

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