Dissociating The Melancholy

I sit here and bask away in every emotion I feel. I tremble with demise, while realizing the truth about myself. The lack of passion, compromise, and honesty I had hid from myself for so long comes rushing through the floodgates. A tsunami filling the disconnected parts of my spirit and bringing them to the Amygdala for vacation. Maybe the rose colored glasses have finally shattered. The fog and the storm clouds clear too.

I have been dishonest with myself, as well as the world around me. Who am I to become when I let the Devil take control of every decision I make? Does that mean I’m not even making my own decisions? That I am just letting cowardice and negativity take control and consume everything I had ever built?

I toy with the lost girl who once used to be a greater part of me. We don’t get along anymore, and the melancholy side only sees her as weak.

Author, Life Coach, & Creator of The Khaotic Good Publication ❤ khaoticgood.com

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