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In the heart of tragedy, we mourn. Never knowing how we would truly react in dire situations, until we are force-ably in them. The panic, the fear, the anger, the torment, the suffering.

It’s never going to feel like you imagine it to feel. Rather it tears you up at just the thought, it will rip you to shreds when it happens. The inevitable is the worst, the most unexpected losses, the ones you thought would never happen to you or your loved ones. It weighs heavy on those close. Feeling remorse for the things left unsaid, or the things we have said and should not have. Maybe we didn’t reach out soon enough, maybe we feel we didn’t do enough.

The thing about loss, is it’s unbearable. It truly never gets easier with time, it just becomes more manageable. We often look to blame others, God, or circumstances for our loss. We want something to blame, to let loose on, to use as a punching bag for all the sorrow we cannot seem to contain.

I just want you to know it is not your fault & never was.

The world works in mysterious ways, and we can’t even seem to get close to understanding the concept of death. Where we go, what we experience, and if our lives were even worth it at all. I guess it’s not in our hands to understand completely, until that time comes. We do not need to blame, point fingers, or sulk in the mourning of our lost… but instead we shall celebrate the life that they lived and the people around them who made them smile.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Author, Life Coach, & Creator of The Khaotic Good Publication ❤

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