How I Learned To Make Less Impulsive Decisions

Get Organized, Prioritize, and Believe in Yourself.

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Make a Routine: Start Small

Routine is important! It helps us balance our busy lives, and create a healthy boundary for ourselves!

  1. Smaller Goals
    If organizing and breaking your life down into small tasks is new for you, it’s best to start small. This also applies to people, like me, who make so many plans and new ideas that they cannot keep track. If you have multiple things going on at once, it’s harder to stay focused and put your all into a bigger goal.
    So, I would suggest with starting by jotting down daily tasks like; brushing your teeth, or your basic morning routine.
  2. Add in the twist!
    In your new planner I want you to jot down 1–2 things day that you normally don’t do on a day-to-day. Start getting more expressive! Try it out for a week or so and see what you think!
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Minimizing The To-Do’s

We often an catch ourselves not having enough time in the day to get everything done that we want to. We have to learn the biggest lesson when it comes to focusing and achieving a major goal. That lesson is: prioritization.

  1. What smaller goals will lead you to achieving your major goal?
    Something else that can help us prioritize our goals and “to-do’s” is deciding which smaller tasks/goals are going to get us where we want to be. Rather it be 1 year or 5 from now.
    Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be?
    It is important we ask ourselves this because it then makes it easier to cut out the tasks that do not quite benefit our true desires. Focusing on the small goals lead to success towards the bigger picture. It takes work, personal and professional development, and checkpoints to get to where we want to go!
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Don’t Give Up!

Things are not going to always be easy. There will be bumps and obstacles that get in the way of our path… do not let this discourage you!

  1. You already know what your life path is.
    What is your hobby? The thing you are the best at and thing about the most? Dive deep into the hobbies you had as a kid.
    What were they? Do you still do those things now? if not, try it!! You never know what you may discover about yourself!
    Don’t be afraid to aim big, and follow your childhood dreams.
  2. Despite what others say/think, you know what is best for you.
    Don’t let others be the leader of your life. Yes, have influences and inspiration, but do not let someone guide you away from what you desire. People may not believe in your dreams, but what matters is that you do. Sticking to that mindset and achieving smaller goals leading up to the major one, will make it that much easier to push through an obstacle like this. If this is what you truly want, go for it.
  3. Don’t let money be the thing that holds you back from following your true passion.
    Everyone has to start from somewhere. No matter where you work/what kind of company you currently work for. Someone had to start with an idea, from the very beginning to get to where things are now. Everything starts from something, the seed of an idea will eventually blossom into a thriving flower. So don’t get discouraged. Find time to start a project or brainstorm an idea, and go with it. It will take time, but it can be worth it if you want it to be!

Author, Life Coach, & Creator of The Khaotic Good Publication ❤

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