Kayla Trusick

Sep 9

Poem: A Shovel. The Corpse of Who I Once Was. Laying Her To Rest. Sleep Tight.

Photo by Mr Xerty on Unsplash

Plunged into the wet Earth,
Underneath where my corpse laid,

For years,
The maggots worn out,
Nothing left but decay,

Shut in,
The wood planks distraught,
For the years underneath, I fought

Mind emptied,
By the dark delusion,
Of tempting thought,

Suffocated struggling to breathe,
I plead,
Just shut the box…



Aug 21

Love Poem: Part 1

Photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

Your palm rests upon my face,

Pulling my chin to meet yours,

Your soft, tough hands,

Caressing my bare skin,

Leaving small kisses with every trace.

Eyes linger,

Awaiting to smother the parts of me I wish to do away with,

Alert and wide,

Spewing truth in the story my…



Aug 1

Poetry: Falling in love, like plants blossom within the seasons. To always rebloom, the love I feel for you.

Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash

The petals of a flower,

Bright, beautiful and full,

Just like your eyes upon awakening,

Colors splashing bright,

Catching the eyes of your lover,

Does he love me,

Does he love me not,

The petals wilt,

One by one,

They crumble,

But return again in the fall,

To always rebloom,